Part II: Food coma alert

chicagorestaurants2Since my last food post I’ve been to Nico Osteria, GT Fish and Oyster, Kuma’s Corner, Pequod’s Pizza, Sticky Rice, Pho Xe Tang, Calumet Fisheries, Cumin and Edzo’s Burger Shop. I’d say my favorites of the bunch are GT Fish and Oyster, Pequod’s, Sticky Rice and Calumet.

Pequod’s brought new meaning to deep dish. GT Fish & Oyster took soba noodles and fish tacos to the next level. Sticky Rice restored my faith in Thai food. Calumet Fisheries well you know how I feel about Calumet! Cumin’s lamb naan was as good as it gets and Edzo’s, who doesn’t love a perfect no fuss burger. Pho Xe Tang fell short to the Pho I get in Seattle and Kuma’s burgers were too big for me but all and all Chicago continues to deliver. Next on the list: Fat Rice, Frontera Grill, The Publican, Yusho and Demera.

Food Coma Alert part 1

And then this happened…

margiescandiesIt was just one of those days when all I needed was a gigantic banana split. Through a twist of fate I ended up at Margie’s Candies. I knew the moment I entered that it was going to be magic.

The old fashion ice cream parlor has every combination of ice cream imaginable.
I ordered a banana split with banana, pralines n cream and vanilla ice cream. It came in an original sundae bowl with hot fudge on the side. I may have shed a tear after the first bite. It was the best damn banana split I’ve ever had.

I’ve dreamed about finding a place like Margie’s while driving across America. Instead, 1 mi from my house by Western “L” stop, I have Margie’s. Thank you Margie, whoever you are, for making my dreams come true.

I saw the sign

indianadunesstatepark2This is my very last post about winter and the only reason I’m posting it is to remind myself to be grateful for the simple things.

Here’s a list of the things I will never take for granted after my first winter in Chicago.

  1. 30 degrees and above: 30 degrees never felt so good, -30 never felt sooooo bad!!!!
  2. Walking: By this I literally mean walking on dry pavement.
  3. Wearing sneakers: I bought Andrew sneakers for Christmas and he wore them for the first time last week (3 months after I bought them).
  4. Going outside: I was sick for 2 weeks and didn’t go outside, I had a serious “ holy shit why did I move here moment”
  5. Staying outside: I no longer have to get from point A to B like my life depends on it
  6. Driving: dead car batteries, icy windshields, potholes, icy roads, did I say dead car batteries!!
  7. Parking: We tried to go to lunch and it took us 10 minutes to get out of our spot. Then when we arrived at the restaurant we got stuck in a spot for 30 min. One hour later we had no lunch.
  8. Walking a dog: Dog’s in Chicago might suffer more than humans, going out in the cold almost naked and taking a poop in icicles. You try doing that!

Meet the new member of our family!

theportholeIf you read my post about the Aviary you’ve heard of “the Porthole”, a special drinking device built for them. Lucky for me I was able to locate the rare object and gave one to my dad for Christmas.

She is beautiful. Yes it’s a she.

For our first experiment we tried to follow one of the recipe cards but we would have had to travel to the end of the earth to find some of the Aviary’s ingredients. So we threw in what we had and called it a day.

After the first taste we realized that a little bit goes a long way and bold flavors develop quickly. It’s like rolling the dice. No matter if you use the same ingredients and cooking time as the previous drink, the outcome is always different. This is definitely the coolest and most worthwhile kitchen device I’ve purchased in awhile.

On another note how cool does my dad look? He got new glasses on his last visit from D/Vision.